Are They Telling Us Everything Out Of Nashville?

Are They Telling Us Everything Out Of Nashville?

As details continue to emerge out of Nashville the only thing that remains to be clear is the narrative coming from officials on the ground and mainstream media outlets smells fishy.

A video obtained by WKRN-TV, courtesy of BlastAway Sand Blasting, and posted online on the 25th has been largely overlooked.  Seen embed below, the video is starting to pick up steam on social media and the big tech overlords seem to be working their magic in efforts to suppress.

Pay close attention the furthest light post the from lens as the action begins in this 23 second video.  You can clearly see what appears to be some sort of Missile or Direct Energy Weapon strike before the blast.

If you will recall the Military declared the Nashville area a No-Fly Zone after the incident and threaten to shoot down any violators.   There are also many reports of the ATT&T data center housing critical infrastructure involved for Military and Intelligence communications.  As well as systems that would be crucial to the audit process of a contested election.

See Video Below.

This incident already contains so many odd occurrences, we’re left with many questions.  The quick unraveling of what exactly went on.  The suicide bomber that wanted to warn everyone. The media showing 5 different faces and FBI magically coming up with new and faster DNA verification methods.

This video leaves us with a few more questions.  If this was a strike from above, who is responsible?

And if this is an attack from a foreign country, was it about targeting the election integrity, and if so, are there any Executive Orders pertaining to that?

Sure hope someone was smart and already backed up all that data…


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