Big Tech Will Not Undermine the Alt-Tech Movement

Big Tech Will Not Undermine the Alt-Tech Movement

After my last few blog posts people have been messaging me and asking why I am criticizing alt-tech phonies like Gettr, Rumble, and Parler when I should instead be focused on the common enemy of Big Tech. These people don’t realize that by calling out these fakers, I am indeed focused on Big Tech because they are nothing more than subversive subsidiaries of Big Tech itself.

These platforms are literally all built on Big Tech infrastructure, they all have Big Tech “hate speech” rules, and they are all distributed on Big Tech app stores with Big Tech trackers hidden in their code. What don’t you understand?
They are Big Tech, but with a different logo.
Let’s talk about the reality of what is going to happen to Gettr, Rumble, Truth Social, and anyone else who thinks they are going to provide an alternative to Big Tech–while depending on Big Tech infrastructure.
Gab’s Law: If it’s in the App Stores,and/or hosted on Big Tech servers it’s not free speech. Period.
If it depends on Big Tech infrastructure it is a de facto subsidiary of Big Tech by default.
As soon as these platforms get any reasonable traction Big Tech will pull the rug.
They did it to Gab in 2018.
They did it to Parler in 2021.
They can and absolutely will do it to Rumble, Gettr, and Truth Social.
Gettr bans “hate speech” and bans right wing dissidents thinking they will appease Big Tech. They don’t get it. You can’t play by the rules in a rigged system on a battlefield owned by your enemy.
Truth Social will likely take the same approach: ban “hate speech” to stay on the app stores. This strategy is doomed. If not “hate speech” Big Tech will nuke them from orbit with one click for
-Covid/Vax “misinformation”
-Election “misinformation”
-Threats to “muh democracy”
Take your pick. These platforms are under the thumb of Silicon Valley while at the same time trying to threaten the hegemony of Silicon Valley power. How do you think that is going to play out?
So are you going to go to these platforms and spend months building up a following, posting your content, and spending all of your time being tracked by Big Tech in the process? Then one day you wake up and the entire platform is gone. That’s what happened to Parler. In their case they were off the internet for months, and never recovered–even after bending the knee to Apple to get back on the App Store.
Gab is the clear choice because we see clearly through the fog of war. A war that we have been trailblazing for 5 and a half years now. We survived every level of attack and are standing more resilient than anyone else in the market by a long shot.
We are past the point of overcoming the need for Big Tech infrastructure because we spent years building our own.
Gettr, Truth Social, and Rumble will act as great shields for Gab. Just like Parler did. Parler took all the blame for January 6th while Gab exploded in growth and kept building. These other phonies will distract all of our enemies, who will turn their attacks to those platforms, leaving Gab to build and grow in peace. All we have to do is wait patiently for what will undoubtably happen.
When, not if, Gettr, Rumble, and Truth Social get nuked from orbit by Big Tech like Parler did Gab will be ready and waiting.
Gab is inevitable.
Andrew TorbaCEO, Gab.comJesus Christ is King of Kings

A Massive Update To Gab

This weekend we shipped a huge update to Gab that we are excited to share with you. First, because we own our own servers and don’t depend on the likes of Big Tech service providers such as Amazon to stay online, we need to maintain, upgrade, and monitor our own servers.
We spent last week optimizing our existing hardware to prepare for a big expansion and introduction of new hardware that we purchased at the end of last year. These optimizations resulted in Gab’s speed and performance doubling.

Introducing Gab Feeds
With Gab Feeds you create your own custom feed that others can subscribe to. Feeds can either be private and only viewed by you or Public and subscribed to and viewed by anyone. Our vision for this feature is to take it to the next level by allowing you to “create your own Feed algorithm.”

You’ll be able to add users, groups, hashtags, and more plus decide how it is filtered and presented. This has never been done before and for the first time social media users will be able to fully create and shape their own feed algorithm and then share it with others as well. Stay tuned for more development on this exciting new feature.
In the meantime subscribe to or bookmark these Public Feeds (which can be viewed even if you are not signed into Gab.)
View the Covid Experts Feed
View the Based Christian Gabbers Feed
View the Election 2022 Candidates Feed
View the America First Feed

Bookmark Collections for GabPRO members. Under the “Bookmarks” tab in your profile, you are able to create collections. These are private and only shown to you. All of your existing bookmarks are categorized now as Saved “Bookmarks”. In order to swap existing bookmarks to a newly created Bookmark Collection you can do so from within the three dots (•••) on the status, finding “Update bookmark collection” then selecting a new bookmark collection to save it to.

We added new profile preference for GabPRO Lifetime members. You can now change your “PRO” badge in your profile to display “PRO Life” from your account preferences at and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Added settings button in Notifications page to “Clear all notifications” (deletes all your notifications from all time) and to “Mark all as read”.

Public groups and their statuses are now visible to people even if they are not a member of Gab.
Comments underneath statuses are now visible to people even if they are not a member of Gab.

Fixed issue with statuses from accounts you’ve muted not being hidden.Fixed issue with the composer page always going to Home when clicking then back button.Fixed issue in profile meta data info section where content would overlap or go off the page if text was too long. Now it goes to the next line and fits.Fixed issue with private/locked accounts displaying statuses if directly navigated to/entered in the url bar.Added ability to hover a username in a status and have a user info card popup.Removed limitations on Chat Messages if you are a GabPRO member. You will no longer be limited to the number of Chat Messages you can send per hour/day.Updated the “Post to” dropdown in the composer to display groups in alphabetical order.
Also please save this link for how to get the Gab app on your phone.It will be crucial to help your friends and family get on Gab especially since we are banned from both app stores.

Join the Parallel Economy

Reach 20 million+ people who share your values

Gab’s Response to the Washington Post

This afternoon I received an email from the Washington Post. I’m going to publish it here and share my response in full.

Hi Andrew,We’re working on a story about how pro-Trump and conservative commentators, influencers and content creators have seen their audiences change on Gab, Gettr, Rumble and Telegram over the last year. We analyzed the data for 47 accounts on those sites and found that, for the most part, everyone saw a big jump in followers or subscribers when Trump was banned from the mainstream sites after Jan. 6; the accounts’ follower growth dramatically stalled and plateaued over the rest of the year; and the few big follower jumps we’ve seen in recent months have mostly come as a response to the bans of high-profile conservatives like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Twitter and Facebook.The sites themselves do appear to be growing, but some of the more prominent pro-Trump figures were analyzed have seen their growth rates become very slow or even decline.For Gab specifically, Alex Jones, who joined in 2016, went from gaining roughly 25,000 followers a month in the first quarter of 2021 to about 1,000 followers a month for the rest of the year, the data show. The Gab follower counts for some prominent QAnon promoters have also grown by 1 percent or less per month since last spring.Have you seen that trend? What do you think explains it?Does this call into question the ability of alt-tech sites to be able to build an audience or a business long-term – and if not, why?Some experts told us that these platforms focused on conservative politics are naturally limited in their appeal. There’s also a good amount of competition among them, and they’re in conflict with some giant, years-old platforms where many users already have established accounts and relationships. Any thoughts on those arguments?I’m also planning to include your comments about Gettr (“The Regime is in panic mode. So out comes Grifter to distract the masses.”). Anything you can elaborate on? Why do you think Gettr is a grift, and is the same true about “TRUTH Social”? I know you’ve spoken about this elsewhere, but I’d appreciate anything you can tell me here or link me to.Any other responses or context we should note?Thanks for any information you can share, and please let us know if you’d have a moment to talk. Our deadline is tomorrow at 12 p.m. EST.Drew Harwell
When Big Tech bans, Gab expands. 
100% of our explosive growth is being propelled by the unforced errors of Silicon Valley. Tens of millions of people are visiting Gab every month because Gab is the one place on the internet where the free flow of information exists beyond the control of the Regime. Gab is the one and only platform to not bend the knee to the mainstream media, Apple and Google App Stores, banks, payment processors, Congress, and even the entire nation state of Germany. 
Outlets like yours rightfully view Gab as a threat to your business because of this, and you should. In November 2021 the Washington Post had 116 million visits according to Similarweb. Gab had 70 million. This month we are on pace to have 90m+ visits and with election season in full swing we don’t see our growth slowing down anytime soon.

I can and will send my response to you out with one click right now and get more traffic than your article will before it is even published.
Your outlet is 144 years old. I founded Gab 5 years ago and run it from my basement in the middle of the woods. 
Gab now has well over 50 candidates in the 2022 election using the platform along with multiple members of Congress and the biggest dissident voices on the internet all in one spot. We have medical doctors, nurses, and hundreds of thousands of people who do not support nor want to inject themselves with an experimental vaccine joining our platform. These people are from all different political backgrounds, beliefs, and creeds. The growth and engagement of one small subset of 47 commentators is irrelevant to Gab’s growth overall as a free speech platform for all people. If you want my personal opinion as to why pro-Trump commentators aren’t growing as fast on alt-tech platforms it’s really very simple. President Trump has turned into a vaccine salesman which is a total and complete disconnect with the overwhelming vast majority of his voting base. I say this as someone who voted for him twice.
His non-stop vaccine shilling has turned many of his supporters off completely. You can see this plainly in the comment section of the statements that are published to his reserved Gab account. As a Regime propaganda outlet I understand that you are trying to craft a narrative that alt-tech is shrinking and doomed because pro-Trump commentators are shrinking, but the numbers and reality show a much different situation here. 
People aren’t and never were coming to Gab for an online Trump rally.
People are coming to Gab for the Truth and to speak freely.
You can read more of my thoughts on Gettr and Rumble here:
Andrew TorbaCEO, Gab.comJesus Christ is King of Kings

Alt Tech Phonies: Gettr and Rumble

Just days after joining the grift operation Gettr, Joe Rogan slammed the platform this week calling it “fugazi” and was questioning live on his show about how to leave the platform. As I mentioned earlier this week former CNN contributor Jason Miller’s Chinese billionaire-funded Gettr is falsely claiming to be a “free speech” platform and an alternative to Big Tech, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Gettr not only depends on Amazon AWS for hosting along with Apple and Google App Stores for distribution, but the app is also tracking users for Facebook and Google according to a bombshell report from Talk Liberation Investigates. 
As I have written in the past I have no problem with competition. Competition is great and encourages our team to work harder to provide the best product on the market. What I do have a problem with is grifters, hypocrites, and liars. I know many good and decent people will be signing up for Gettr at the behest of the talking heads they trust on Fox News and elsewhere. I think they deserve to know exactly what they are getting into. 
Some Key Findings from the report include:
-Numerous trackers from Facebook, Google, and other third parties are embedded in GETTR web and smartphone apps.
-App permissions facilitate the surveillance of a wide variety of information about GETTR users, including fine-grained behavior and location data. This data is then used to profile users and shared with third parties.
-“Getome,” a previous version of the GETTR app that targeted Chinese-language audiences, is still published in Google Play and effectively provides a backdoor to GETTR. Users can log in and interact on the GETTR network via the Getome app, bypassing updates on the newer application.
-Content on GETTR such as news is loaded directly from external sources, opening connections between GETTR users to dozens of domains. This introduces serious privacy and security risks. Some of this content is delivered via unencrypted HTTP, further jeopardizing users.
-GETTR infrastructure is hosted by cloud vendors such as Amazon AWS and company email accounts are hosted by Google.
On top of this report, there has been extensive coverage about Gettr’s rampant censorship. 
Gettr is already banning America First patriots for no reason.
Gettr is shadowbanning reporters who ask why.
Gettr is banning certain words they do not like.
Gettr is using Artificial Intelligence to ban “hate speech” just like Facebook and Twitter.
Gettr banned a black conservative for using a word they didn’t like in his account bio. 
If you see someone promoting Gettr as a “free speech alternative to Big Tech” feel free to send them the information on this post, and then tell them about The home of free speech online with the battle scars to prove it.
Another fake in the alternative technology space is Rumble. Rumble positions themselves as the “free speech” Youtube alternative. Conservative talking heads from Fox News have been pushing it for the past year and earlier this summer President Trump joined the platform. On the day that President Trump joined the platform Rumble updated their terms of service to ban “hate speech.”
I was watching an interview with Tim Pool and the CEO of Rumble last night and it was really something. Tim pressed him on why their terms of service are exactly the same as Big Tech’s by banning things like “hate speech.” He correctly stated that Rumble is adopting the censorship language of the left.
The CEO of Rumble said that their terms of service are “legacy” from when they launched in 2013 (which is a lie because they added the hate speech rules on the day President Trump joined Rumble recently,) and mentioned three times that they have to ban “hate speech” in order to stay on the Apple and Google app stores.
So the reality is Rumble and Gettr are platforms that are de facto owned and operated by Apple and Google. If you have the same Silicon Valley rules in order to play in the Silicon Valley sandbox, you are necessarily part of the Silicon Valley swamp.
These are problems Gab doesn’t have, because unlike Rumble, Parler, and Gettr: Gab has a backbone and principles.
Gab is a First Amendment company which means we tolerate “offensive” but legal speech. We believe that a moderation policy which adheres to the First Amendment, thereby permitting offensive content to rise to the surface, is a valuable and necessary utility to society.
It allows unorthodox but correct views, such as the Wuhan Lab Origin Theory that was banned on Twitter and YouTube but permitted on Gab, to propagate.
It allows hateful ideas, such as anti-White CRT, to be exposed and subject to scrutiny and challenge. It also allows Americans, and others around the world, to enjoy the full measure of their human right to speak freely online.
Gab is the ONLY platform that stood up to censorship and said NO to:–Apple and Google –Visa, Paypal, and dozens of processors -Cloud hosting providers -Email services –Banks-The mainstream media –The nation state of Germany -The ADL and SPLC -Fellow “conservatives” –Congress
We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.
Which is why Gab is the number one and only free speech alternative to Big Tech.
Andrew TorbaCEO, Jesus Christ is King of Kings

The Real Big Tech Exodus

One year ago this week the largest Big Tech exodus in history occurred when millions of people joined Gab. Two perfect storm events led to this inflection point and awakening of the masses. First, Donald Trump was banned from Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the internet while he was still a sitting President. At the same time Parler, the darling of the conservative establishment billionaire class, was removed from the internet by Amazon, Apple, and Google.

Both of these events were the shots heard around the internet and shocked millions of people into finally taking action and leaving Big Tech platforms for good. Gab was their only option and Gab remains the only option for those seeking a true unwavering commitment to free speech online.
These events weren’t a surprise to me. I knew from first hand experience that Parler stood no chance at challenging Big Tech platforms while being fully dependent and built on top of Big Tech infrastructure. I had already tried this with Gab early on and failed when the Regime banned us from App Stores, hosting services, payment processors, and much more back in 2018. Any platform that depends on Big Tech hosting and Big Tech app stores is doomed to failure. You must unapologetically stand firm in your principles and build your own infrastructure separate from Big Tech systems completely in order to have a free speech platform.
Months after being removed from the internet Parler returned, this time with a “troll filter” and artificial intelligence to remove “hate speech” on demand for Apple. They bent the knee, and they paid the price for it. Today Parler’s traffic is a mere shadow of what it once was. This blog you are reading right now gets more views every month than all of Parler. It turns out that censoring “hate speech” in order to get back into Apple’s good graces wasn’t the best business decision.
Yet only a year later it seems that conservatives have still not learned their lesson. Up pops former CNN contributor Jason Miller’s Chinese billionaire-funded Gettr claiming to be a “free speech” platform. What Miller doesn’t tell you is that Gettr depends on Amazon AWS for hosting along with Apple and Google App Stores for distribution, just like Parler did.
To Gettr “free speech” is nothing more than a marketing slogan to lure you into their beltway establishment hug box run by leftists pretending to be conservatives.
Gettr is already banning America First patriots for no reason.
Gettr is shadowbanning reporters who ask why.
Gettr is banning certain words they do not like.
Gettr is using Artificial Intelligence to ban “hate speech” just like Facebook and Twitter.
The real Big Tech Exodus is authentic and it has staying power.
Our movement is not some astroturfed grift by billionaires who do the same things Big Tech does.
It’s real people, leading a real movement, defending real free speech.
Claiming to be a “free speech” platform for marketing points isn’t going to fool anyone for very long, as Parler learned the hard way and as Gettr is learning now. If you are going to actually defend free speech online for all people then you better be willing to pay the cost of doing so. It’s not as simple as building your own social network and slapping some “free speech” marketing on it. You have to be willing to build your own parallel internet in order to defend a terms of service that explicitly protects all political speech and that’s exactly what Gab is doing. In fact, Gab is the only one doing this.
I’m glad that more Big Tech alternatives are being created, but as I have written in the past I won’t stand by and watch good people be lied to and misled by billionaires trying to grift them. I have been praying for five years that others find the courage to build on top of the same principles that Gab has, the principles that make America great. Thus far all that has been presented by the market is astroturfed grift by shadowy billionaires.
Gab doesn’t have a billionaire behind us pulling all the strings. We don’t have Wall Street. We don’t have multi-national corporations. We don’t need them, because what we have is you. Gab is funded by people like you. It is used by people like you. It is marketed by people like you. It is owned by people like you.
I’m not some DC insider. I don’t come from money. I’m a blue collar dad running Gab from the middle of the woods on a homestead with my family. I’m not building Gab to make more money for some billionaire. I’m building Gab to defend free speech on the internet for all people. Our mission has been the same for five and a half years now and our commitment to that mission is why despite having multiple billionaires trying to subvert our movement they have all failed and will continue to.
Their definition of success is much different than Gab’s. Their mission is much different than Gab’s. You can put “free speech” lipstick on a pig, but ultimately it will still be a pig. Gab is the real deal and real people know it, which is why we continue to grow without any marketing budget or access to app stores or the right wing media machine behind us.
If you want to help us continue to grow and provide the only true free speech alternative on the internet then please tell a friend or family member about Gab this week. All of our growth is powered by word of mouth advertising. If you tell three people about Gab and they tell three people suddenly Gab starts growing very quickly in a way that the Regime cannot stop. They can ban us from running ads in all of the usual places to get the word out about Gab, but they can’t ban you from telling your friends about us.
If you want to help us expand our servers, hire more engineers, and grow the site please consider upgrading to GabPRO or advertising your business on Gab. We don’t have billionaires to fall back on.
Gab is years ahead of anyone else trying to imitate what we are doing. This quarter we will be launching GabPay, our Paypal alternative as well as Gab Marketplace. These two projects are going to introduce the world to the Parallel Economy that is thriving on Gab. We can’t wait to continue building and growing with you, so be sure to tell a friend about Gab today and join the real Big Tech exodus.
Andrew TorbaCEO, Gab.comJesus is King of Kings
Also please save this link for how to get the Gab app on your phone. It will be crucial to help your friends and family get on Gab especially since we are banned from both app stores.

Welcome To Gab, Congressman Matt Gaetz

Today we are pleased to welcome Congressman Matt Gaetz to the Gab community!

Congressman Gaetz joins his colleagues Congressman Gosar, Congresswoman Greene, Congressman Cloud, and Congresswoman Boebert who have all joined Gab in the past year. They are joined by over 50 candidates on Gab who are running for Congress among other positions in the 2022 midterm election.
You can follow Congressman Gaetz on Gab here and be sure to also follow his Firebrand podcast account as well.
Congressman Gaetz has been a staunch supporter of free speech for many years now and is one of the few voices in Congress fighting for the many issues that the American people actually care about. As more members of Congress join Gab and as dozens of candidates for office join them it’s becoming more clear by the day that Gab is the place to be for the 2022 election and beyond.
For the first time Americans will be able to access the free flow of information and news at scale on a social media platform this election cycle without permission or censorship from Silicon Valley Oligarchs. Every month tens of millions of Americans are visiting Gab as the censorship, medical tyranny, and deplatforming of dissident and conservative thinkers accelerates. In the past 30 days alone Gab has had over 70 million visits and our traffic has surpassed that of most major news sites.
Gab is the most resilient alternative to Silicon Valley services because we have spent many years now building out our own servers, financial infrastructure, and much more. Gab is the fastest growing alternative because of our unwavering and steadfast defense of free speech on the internet for the past five years. As political dissidents, silenced medical doctors, and now members of Congress are all realizing: Gab is the true home of free speech on the internet.
We invite you to invite your friends and family to join us as we work to preserve and defend free speech on the internet for all people.
Click here to learn how to get the Gab App on your mobile device

Meet The 2022 Candidates Who Are On Gab

Gab is going to be a major player in the 2022 midterm election. In the past 30 days alone Gab has had over 70 million visits from primarily from politically engaged voters in the United States of America. That’s not a small number and it’s a number that continues to grow daily as Gab is about to become one of the top 1,000 websites on the entire internet.
We already have 50+ candidates speaking freely on Gab and more are joining daily. We are in the process of creating a dedicated 2022 election feed with all of the candidates so everyone can see what they all have to say. As more candidates continue to join the platform we will expand this list. You can follow each of the candidates individually below.

US Congress:DrPaulGosarRealMarjorieGreeneLaurenBoebertRepCloudTX
Running for US Senate:BradleySenate (CA)bobbypiton (IL)Jonathan_for_State_Senate (MI)WhalenforUSSenate (NV)Mark4Ohio (OH)Perkins4Oregon (OR)KathyBarnetteForSenate (PA)
Running for US Congress:Bob4congressAK (AK)neilforarkansas (AR-3)Codemonkey (AZ-1)CargileForCA35 (CA-35)lauraloomer (FL-11)darleneswaffar (FL-22)RealJackLombardi (IL-14)realgabewhitley (IN-8)Norton4Congress (MI-03)David_Buzzard (NC)TheBlueCollarIntellectual (NH-1)QNIGHTED (NJ-4)RealTina40 (NY-14)jrmajewski (OH-9)teddydanielspa (PA-8)CenturionforCongress (SC-1)lynzpiperloomissc (SC-1)mattforcongress (TN-1)Madkat22123 (TX-8)Billy_Poling_For_Congress (TX-26)CraigForCongress (TX-26)NathanDavisTX (TX-32)JaromeBellVA (VA-2)AmandaChaseforva (VA-11)joekentforcongress (WA-3)sessler (WA-4)MichaelSisco (WV-2)
Running for Governor of Arizona:KariLake
Running for Governor of Ohio:Blystoneforgovernor
Running for Governor of Georgia:Kandisstaylor
Running for Governor of Texas:AllenWestWatchChadDonHuffines
Running for Governor of Nevada:joeygilbertinc
Running for Governor of Maryland:DanCoxforFreedom
Running for Governor of Wisconsin:votewichmann
New Hampshire House of Representatives Candidate:Terry603
Ohio State House of Representatives:ninovitale
Virginia State Senate Candidate:merletrutledge
Arizona State Senate:wendyrogersaz
Running for Arizona Secretary of State:AZHoneyBadger
AZ Republican Chairwoman:KelliWardAZ

Gab Is a Sleeping Giant

A record number of Americans “quit their jobs” this November, or that is to say they were either forced to quit their jobs or got fired for refusing to inject themselves with an experimental substance. Millions more are biding their time as our federal government tries to force businesses with over 100 employees to mandate vaccination in order to retain employment. Soon the parallel economy I’ve been writing about won’t just be an idea, it will become necessary. That’s why we have been working so hard over the past year to build the tools and infrastructure to power this parallel economy. 

Tens of millions of us are never getting the vaccine. Millions more are never getting another one and they too will soon be labeled “unvaccinated” like the rest of us. After two years of tyranny people are starting to wake up from the spell of mass formation psychosis that has been cast on our society by the ruling regime. Those of us who are awake to what is going on have been very patient, and must continue to be, with those who are still sheepishly going along with this madness. It does not matter when people wake up only that they wake up and when they do we will embrace them with the loving arms of Truth. 
Gab is a sleeping giant that is about to awaken. Every month tens of millions of people use Gab to get access to information, people, and news that they can’t get anywhere else. Gab is about to become one of the top 1,000 websites on the entire internet and our growth doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

On Gab you’ll find dissident medical doctors who challenge the medical establishment. You’ll find dissident political thinkers who challenge the political establishment and dissident members of Congress who challenge the Congressional establishment. You’ll find dissident media outlets who challenge the mainstream media establishment along with normal everyday people just like you who are sick and tired of being gaslit and demonized by the Oligarchs on Big Tech platforms.
Gab has the network effects that no other alternative platform offers. Gab has the resiliency that no other alternative platform has. Gab has an authentic and organic community of real people that no other alternative platform has. Gab is the market leader not because we have better technology (we do) but because we are the only true free speech platform on the internet. We have paid the price dearly for this by being banned from app stores, payment processors, and even banks, which is how you know we are the real deal.
Gab is set to dramatically impact the 2022 election in a big way. To my knowledge we have over 50 candidates from around the country running for office. They are organizing, fundraising, and building community on Gab without permission from Silicon Valley. By this time next year the new Congress is set to be the Gab Congress and no one even realizes it yet, but they will soon.
So to my fellow Gabbers: this is our year. This is the year we rise up peacefully and exit the systems of control owned by God’s enemies. This is the year that the tide turns and people say enough is enough. I encourage you to please tell a friend or family member about Gab this week. 100% of our growth is powered by word of mouth and has been for five years now. I also encourage you learn how to get Gab on your mobile phone here so you can help others do so when you tell them about Gab.
We are only just getting started and I can’t wait to continue building the parallel economy to defend free speech and preserve our humanity with you all.
To God by the glory,Andrew TorbaCEO, Gab.comJesus Christ is King of Kings

Big Tech Rings In The New Year With Censorship

Twitter banned Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene this morning. Thankfully Congresswoman Greene was smarter than many of her colleagues because she got on Gab over a year ago and built up a tremendous following over hundreds of thousands of people. Her ban from Twitter should come as no surprise. Once Twitter crossed the rubicon and banned a sitting President there was nothing stopping them from banning each and every Republican from the platform without thinking twice.
While everyone is distracted by New Years celebrations Silicon Valley is working overtime on the behalf of the Regime to ramp up censorship ahead of the 2022 election cycle. The Regime puppets on both the left and the right know their power is in trouble. They will continue to silence any true America First candidates who seek to represent The People. It’s well beyond time to wake up and stop using these platforms before they force you to do so.

Many other members of Congress are joining Gab and building up followings within our community. You can click here to follow Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and here to follow Congressman Paul Gosar. There are dozens of candidates running for Congress in 2022 on Gab and getting their message out to The People, raising funds, and building community on Gab. We expect that by this time next year dozens of members of the new Congress will be on Gab speaking freely beyond the grasp of the Regime’s control over the flow of information.
In other news earlier this week Twitter also banned Doctor Robert Malone. You can find him on Gab here. After his Twitter ban he appeared on the Joe Rogan show and discussed something called mass formation psychosis to explain why millions of people are sheepishly going along with whatever the tyrants in the Regime say. Millions of people started searching this term on Google, at which point Google started altering and censoring search results for the term. Finally, the interview itself is being scrubbed from YouTube. You can find it here on Gab TV.

Gab’s importance is becoming more and more clear by the day. Gab serves as a home to political dissidents, silenced members of Congress, and medical doctors who are being shut up by the Regime. Gab is the de facto leader in the alternative technology industry for this reason. We do not bend to the will of Silicon Valley. We do not bend to the will of triggered political activists. We do not bend to the will of the mainstream press. We answer only to God.
We invite you to please tell a friend or family member about Gab this week. All of our growth over the past five years has been driven by word of mouth advertising. We depend on people like you to let others know that there is a place where they can speak freely on the internet. There is a way out of the Silicon Valley matrix. There is a platform led by American Christians who share your values.
That platform is
Click here to Learn How To Install The Banned Gab App on Your Mobile Device
To God be the glory,Andrew TorbaCEO, Gab.comJesus Christ is King of Kings

2022: The Year The Parallel Economy Rises

In 2021 we saw the unprecedented rise of medical tyranny, the abasement of the US dollar, and the beginnings of a new parallel Christian economy begin to form in response to this madness. Nearly a year ago back in February of 2021 I wrote about the need for us to build our own parallel economy. I spent the next ten months laying the groundwork for such a monumental task because I knew what was coming.

Fast forward to today and we see people’s lives being destroyed for refusing to inject themselves with a harmful and experimental substance. Members of our military being removed for refusing this substance, students are being forced to withdraw from college, medical doctors and dissenters of this madness being purged from the internet, and to top it off the federal government is trying to mandate business owners to force all employees to inject this substance into their bodies in order to retain employment.
This will not stop until enough of us say enough is enough. We will not comply and so we must build.
At Gab we have been investing all of our resources into building infrastructure to power a parallel Christian economy. We have no interest in salvaging what remains of the existing corrupt and fallen secular system. Instead we are conducting our own “great reset” and this time we are putting Jesus Christ at the center of this new economy.
We have already built the communication rails on which this parallel economy will operate. Gab is the only social media platform in the world where all political speech, no matter how “offensive,” is protected. Protecting free speech is crucial in order for a parallel Christian economy to thrive. The Founding Fathers understood the importance of free speech which is why the very First Amendment to the Constitution was designed specifically to protect political speech and religious freedom.
Be Not Afraid, But Be Warned Of What Is Happening
As recently as last week multiple prominent activist and media organizations labeled the New Testament and basic Christian orthodoxy “antisemitic.” Far-left blog The Daily Beast even went as far as to say that celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is “very problematic” and invokes “antisemetic ideas.” Jewish groups are getting more bold in their demands to label the Biblical Truth of God’s Word as “antisemetic hate speech.” Back in 2018 they demanded that the Bible and Koran add “trigger warnings” around “antisemetic passages.” Today they call me personally an “antisemite” for proclaiming that Jesus is King and defending Biblical Christian orthodoxy in a very public way.
Christians cannot even discuss theological topics that have been talked about for 2,000 years while the Bible is being labeled as “hate speech” by those in control of the flow of information online and off. If we continue being afraid of being called “antisemites” for proclaiming the Word of God then we are doomed to be persecuted and crushed by the Satanic cabal of demons currently in power. We serve the Creator of the Universe and you are afraid of being called a silly name by those who reject Jesus?
Personally, I’m not going to allow that to happen. They can call me whatever names they want. I will continue to speak the Truth of God’s Word and enabling millions of other people to do so by protecting free speech on Gab.
There are 2.09 billion Christians on the planet, or 29% of earth’s population. Together our GDP is $40 trillion dollars, or half of the entire world’s GDP and twice that of the U.S. GDP. Our economic power, and more importantly the power of God, can’t be underestimated. The madness of “wokeness,” anti-White critical race theory, communism, and chaos will only continue as long as we allow it to. The moment the Christian man awakens from his long peaceful slumber is the moment the house of cards collapses on the globalist regime.
2022 is the year the Christian man wakes up and stops being afraid of name calling. 2022 is the year the Christian man exits the secular system and starts doing what he does best: building something new.
To God be the glory,Andrew TorbaCEO, Gab.comJesus Christ is King of Kings