Dark To Light: A Friday Morning Round-Up

Dark To Light: A Friday Morning Round-Up

Frank fills in for Tracy who is under the weather and runs through some headlines, some ridiculous media clips, and thoughts and questions

Dark To Light: Misinformation And Circular Firing Squads

Why the circular firing squad against our own? What is happening with Ray Epps? Why is he being held up as a hero? We tackle a bunch of th

Dark To Light: The Real Revolution

Today was a great show! We talk some philosophy about monetary policy and the changes happening around us along with some Youngkin news. T

Tracy Beanz talks Everything COVID with Vicki McKenna

Tracy Beanz and Vicki McKenna discuss the change of narrative of the COVID debacle,from Gain of Function to the Cover-up… Listen HERE an

Dark To Light: News Roundup & Analysis

Today is a discussion about everything. SCOTUS, Oath Keepers’ Stuart Rhodes being indicted, new data out about the impact of the shot on

Tracy Beanz and Faune Riggin Discuss Why the COVID Narrative Changing Now

Why is the COVID narrative changing now?Faune Riggin of WKZIM and Tracy Beanz,  Investigative Journalist with Uncover DC, discuss wha

Dark To Light: Dr. Christina Parks

We are honored to be joined by Dr. Christina Parks today. Dr. Christina Parks received her Ph.D in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the

Tracy Beanz Returns to Chris X Radio to discuss COVID and the Changing Narrative

Tracy Beanz, a regular on the Chris X Show returns to discuss the Changing Narrative of COVID. Begin at 30:00

Tracy Beanz and Bobby Gunther Walsh Discuss COVID

Tracy Beanz and Bobby Gunther Walsh Discuss COVID and the narrative shift taking place.

The Armed Forces: We Can’t Tell You How Many Accommodations We’ve Denied

According to a new court filing, a large percentage of the military cannot provide information regarding the number of vaccine exemption o