Biden has released 1.5 million illegal immigrants, bigger than Dallas #GEORGEnews

Biden has released 1.5 million illegal immigrants, bigger than Dallas #GEORGEnews

The Biden administration’s open border policies have let in more than 1.5 million illegal immigrants, enough to double the size of Dallas or San Diego, according to a former immigration judge.

In an analysis of data from the Department of Homeland Security, the new report said that during his presidency so far, President Joe Biden has knowingly released 756,000 migrants encountered at the border, another 146,000 illegal youths to guardians inside the United States, and an estimated 620,000 “got-aways.”

And, said former immigration judge and migration expert Andrew Arthur, “the president has no plans to stop it.”

The staggering numbers cited in his report for the Center for Immigration Studies are historic and demonstrate not only Biden’s success in rapidly dismantling former President Donald Trump’s tight immigration policies but the new administration’s open border policy.

“This is not ‘open borders,’ or ‘catch and release,’” Arthur wrote. “It is ‘no border’ with federal travel assistance.”

His report went through the math of border releases and estimates of got-aways from DHS.

He raised concerns that if more illegal immigrants cross into the U.S., as expected, the total will top the population of Philadelphia.

“The numbers are clear: DHS has released more than 756,000 aliens encountered by CBP at the Southwest border into the United States since Joe Biden became president, not counting 146,000-plus unaccompanied children released by HHS to sponsors and 620,000 aliens who evaded apprehension. Each is here indefinitely, and most forever. That is unsustainable — but the president has no plan to stop it anytime soon,” wrote Arthur.   ...   NOT JUST POLITICS AS USUAL.          VISIT GEORGE STORE

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