Another Day, Another STOLEN Election (Gavin Newson Recall)

Marin Katusa – It Might Seem Dark Now But America Will Shine Bright As Gold

SPREAD THE WORD Prepare Today And SAVE $50Off A Full 4-WEEK SUPPLYMy Patriot Supply Today’s Guest: Marin Katusa WebsiteKatusa Research Ticker Symbol For Gold Royalty NYSE American: GROY Marin Katusa is a NY Times Best Selling author of the Colder War and leading gold hedge fund manager in North America.  Marin begins the conversation talking about [JB] and how the future of America is very bright. Marin talks about the new infrastructure bill and how the US infrastructure is behind other countries. The taxes that the Biden administration will hurt the small businesses and inflation coupled together with taxes will not help. Big companies are now purchasing gold because they believe currencies around the world will begin to fail. Gold will make moves just like cryptocurrency. 

As War Hawks Press for New Wars, Addressing the War Danger More Urgent Than Ever

SPREAD THE WORD The moment of opportunity opened by the end of the war in Afghanistan, for multilateral cooperation for economic development, could close very quickly. A False Flag event, occurring in the midst of almost daily military encounters by U.S.-NATO forces with Russian and Chinese military forces, could lead to a devastating war, either by miscalculation, or intent! Dialogue is essential, as Gen. John Hyten, Vice-Chair of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, expressed in a speech two days ago. We also present a preliminary report on the smashing defeat of the California Recall. Lyndon LaRouche famously warned, in 2003, that Recall is dangerous, as it is designed to manipulate momentary emotions, to undermine the American Presidential System, and replace it with a parliamentary system. You may also like 1673 views 1329 views 5101 views Page 1 of 40

Ep 2577b – Running Red, Track & Follow Events, Think Projection, Justice Is Coming

SPREAD THE WORD ✅ Enjoy The Healthy Aging Support of Collagen 🔥😍 Get 51% Off ➡️  Here is my FAV trusted source ^^^^💪💪    The [DS] is now preparing the narrative, they are projecting everything onto Trump by using the Milley story. Was Milley a WH?. The timing of the story corresponds to Devolution. The [DS]/fake news are trying to make it seem like Trump was about to attack China, why. Is the projection timed with the forensic audit. Trump did say we were attacked and it worse than Pearl Harbor and 911. So who attacked us, was it China? Is China preparing for the fallout, is the [DS] preparing for the fallout, it starting to seem that way.