Philadelphia's Murder Rate Highest Among Largest US Cities

Philadelphia's Murder Rate Highest Among Largest US Cities

Last spring, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney announced a series of police reforms within the 6,500-member police department. A year later, h

Texas Begins Arresting Illegal Immigrants For Trespassing As Part of Gov. Greg Abbott’s Border Security Plan

Authored by Tom Ozimek via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Authorities in Texas have begun arresting illegal immigrants along the U.S.-Me

San Francisco Rolls Out “Ridiculous” $20,000 Designer-Style Trash Cans 

What a bunch of rubbish. San Francisco elected officials can barely govern their own city as violent crime, homelessness, a drug epidemic,

Iran Opens Export Terminal To Bypass World's Biggest Oil Chokepoint

Via, Iran says it has opened its first oil export terminal in the Gulf of Oman to allow Tehran to avoid using the strategic S

“It Looks Like A Bazaar In Istanbul”: Without Police On The Street, Illegal Vendors And Gamblers Are Taking Over The Bronx

We’ll ask the same thing we asked days ago when it was reported that a man was shot at point blank range in Brooklyn: has Eric Adams

Here’s all the proof Biden needs to conclude COVID-19 was leaked from a lab #GEORGEnews

Biden administration officials are suddenly everywhere in the news, warning that the origins of the COVID-19 virus may remain shrouded in

WATCH: Hundreds Protesting Vaccine Passports Storm French Town Hall, Tear Down Macron Portrait #GEORGEnews

Roughly 300 people stormed the Chambéry Town Hall in France in protest of vaccine passports. The demonstrators tore down the official por

California Is Experiencing A Crime “Tsunami”, DA Says

Authored by Vanessa Serna via The Epoch Times, California is experiencing a wave of crime despite Gov. Gavin Newsom’s cla

Colorado Monitoring Literal Plague Activity In At Least 6 Counties After Child Dies

State health authorities in Colorado are investigating a potential outbreak of the literal plague across a handful of counties, after it&#

Progressive Democrats Blast 'Reckless' Biden Plan To Allow Evictions To Resume

Authored by Julia Conley via,  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was among several critics on Friday who warned that the