America Is Now A Kleptocrapocracy

America Is Now A Kleptocrapocracy

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, I hope everyone here is hungry because the banquet of consequences is being served. I&

Will Democrats Really Fail To Raise Taxes: Some Thoughts From Goldman Sachs

Overnight, several media outlets reported that the White House is considering abandoning plans to raise the corporate and top individual t

Intel Plunges After Sales Miss, Profit Forecast Disappoints

In its preview of Intel’s Q3 earnings, Bloomberg writes that against a background of a 10-year high in personal computer shipments a

SNAP Crashes After Revenue/ARPU Miss, Blames Apple Privacy Changes, Labor Shortages

Snap reported its Q3 earnings and it was not pretty, missing revenues and ARPU: Average revenue per user (ARPU): $3.49 vs. $3.67 per Stree

October cancellations cost Southwest Airlines $75M #GEORGEnews

Southwest Airlines said Thursday that recent mass flight cancellations cost the carrier $75 million and announced that it will cut flights

Bitcoin, Bills, Bonds, & Black Gold Slide As Trump 'Truth' SPAC Soars

The “TRUTH” will set you free (and make you rich if you bought Trump’s new media SPAC today)… Making SPACs Great A

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Takes Heat Over His Stance On CRT

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson of North Carolina came under fire earlier this month because of his recent remarks about the transgender community

$250 Billion Fund CIO Blasts Washington's 'Soviet-Style' Central Planning: “Disassociating Demand From Supply In Fundamental Ways”

Authored by Tad Rivelle, CIO at TCW, Back In The US… Back In The USSR The inefficiencies of that ultimate state planned economy –

LIVE: Failed Policies, Poor Leadership: RSBN Tours Our Broken US Southern Border 10/22/21

A record number immigrants have entered the US illegally through our southern border and yet the Biden Administration still remains idle i

Nickel Prices Jump To Seven-Year High As Supply Woes Mount 

Nickel is the latest industrial metal to ramp vertically on dwindling supply concerns sending prices in London to seven-year highs.