Clear Your Mind and Recalibrate

Clear Your Mind and Recalibrate

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There is no doubt that we are all experiencing some of the most trying times in our lives right now. Emotions are high and swinging like a pendulum from hope to anger, with a little bit of everything in between. Confusion, frustration, and depression have set in for many, while others continue to battle on, despite their exhaustion.

Many, like myself, have been researching and exposing corruption at the highest levels, darn near 24/7, for years. It felt much like running a marathon – racing to expose as much as possible so people were equipped with the knowledge they needed to make the best choices for themselves, their family, and the greater good. It was like being on an adrenalin sugar high, with a drastic crash. Though it sometimes feels as though we failed at this mission, nothing could be further from the truth. This is only the beginning. That said, it’s important to take some time to recalibrate, as different paths lay before us, and we need to be fully fueled for this next journey.

A lot of people feel lost and aren’t quite sure what to do moving forward, how to fight back, where to live, what choices to make for their families as new legislation is stacking the shelves in an unlawful dictatorship, and how to discern fact from fiction while misinformation pours out like psychopaths on crack cocaine.

My Suggestion?

Unwind, get back to the basics, clean house, and take care of yourself before making any rash decisions or spinning out on the social media merry-go-round. A clearing of the mind and cleansing of the space is absolutely necessary, because this is a psychological battle first and foremost. Get your head on straight to open the way for faith and battling the spiritual warfare front. Once you’re balanced in those two areas and have fully recalibrated, then the physical aspects will come much easier, more clearly, and be more manageable.

To clear the mind, you have to unplug from all exterior noise and distractions, and not just for an hour. This will likely require days. For anyone suggesting that “you can’t leave the battlefield right now!” – you can. It’s temporary. If you don’t take time for training, you will be useless to yourself and those around you. And by training, I mean – the battlefield just changed direction and kicked up about ten notches. It is necessary to be able to hear yourself above all of the chatter, to see with a new set of eyes, and to balance yourself accordingly. They are rapidly trying to change the game with intimidation and trying to propel you into a tailspin. Don’t let them.

Unplug for a bit. Turn off notifications and the leaky valve that is constantly dripping propaganda into your mind. Shut it down. No matter how smart you may be, a constant inflow of visuals, content, and sound bites impact the brain. Clean your house, organize files on your computers, and get things in order. Clutter around you and clutter in the mind is a recipe for disaster. Pull in all of the little sensory items that bring you to a more peaceful state of mind, such as a scented candle, incense, windchimes, music, fresh air from a cracked window (even in the wintertime), fresh flowers, etc. Stimulate your senses so your focus remains positive. Do something wild that gives you a sense of release, laughter, or inspiration. Jam your favorite tunes and dance like a fool throughout your house, if that’s what makes you feel good. It’s a great release.

If you have neglected your health over these past several years, get back to it. Allow yourself to sleep in or take naps, get in a run, yoga, Qi gong, weights, bike ride, or whatever raises your energy. Consider meditating or sitting silent in nature or in front of a sunny window inside and let your mind settle. Be still. Disciplining the mind to be still will be quite valuable moving forward. Release the anger, betrayal, or hopelessness you feel and focus your emotions on the feeling of love you have for people in your life. Hold onto that.

Some folks believe that all of this will turn around in short order, justice will be served, and we will have a beautiful new country. I certainly see all of the moves being made on all sides, and hope that some of this comes to fruition, but either way – the battlefield has changed and a recalibration is needed.

This movement has become 80+ million strong, making up 25% of this country, and the first step to taking it back is clearing the mind to see with precision and having the energy and stamina to endure and slice through the BS. Once the mind and faith are restored, the planning, organizing, and implementation needs to be carried out by those with the aptitude and skill to lead on local levels across the entire country.

People from all walks of life, with all different skills will be needed to create and build systems that slice straight through the heart of this false reality of a “humane world” they wish for us. Navigating around it, inside it, and through it will be critical, but that is for a separate article.

First, clear your mind, restore your energy, and recalibrate.

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