Gab’s Biggest Product Update Of The Year

Gab’s Biggest Product Update Of The Year

Today we launched the biggest product update to Gab Social of the year and there are so many fixes, new features, and improvements I needed to make a dedicated blog post just to list them all! We also just shipped our new video platform this week as well so be sure to check out GabTV.

If you like these updates and new products we hope you’ll consider upgrading to GabPRO or making a purchase on the Gab Shop. We are fully funded by people like you who make updates like these possible. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year, God bless!

-The Gab Team

Gab Social Christmas Update Changelog

1. Gab Direct Messaging

– Create a 1-to-1 conversation with any other Gab user.

– Chat in real-time. Use text, links, account mentions, and linked hashtags. No images or video uploading yet, but coming soon.

– All conversations default to “Message Requests” where you can approve or hide any of your incoming chats from non-followers.

– Private Messages on Gab are not encrypted, but we do offer an e2e encrypted chat service separate from Gab called Gab Chat for those who want encryption.

– If you delete a message, it is gone forever and actually deleted from our servers.

– Muting a conversation means that you don’t get notified of new messages. To do so, select from the “•••” dropdown when a conversation is selected.

– Hiding a conversation means that the conversation will be hidden in your list until a new message is sent. To do so, select from the “•••” dropdown when a conversation is selected.

– Blocking a messenger by selecting the “•••” button when hovering over a user’s message will block them from messaging you or seeing any of your existing chat messages. “Chat Blocking” is not the same as a normal “Block”. If you “Chat Block” someone they will still be able to access your profile and post a status to you but will not be able to message you. If you block someone already you don’t need to add a new “chat block”

– To undo a chat block, go to and select “Undo chat block”

– To unmute a conversation, go to and select “Unmute” from the “•••” dropdown.

– GabPRO chat features:

• Set expiration policies per chat conversation. Set your messages to auto expire/delete after a set period of time.

• Purge all conversation messages with one click in the top “•••” dropdown when a conversation is selected.

2. GabDeck

– GabDeck is a unique way to customize your Gab experience available to GabPRO users only at

– If you are not GabPRO you can still preview the experience at

– GabDeck is only available on desktop, not on tablet or mobile.

– To access on your desktop computer select “Gab Deck” from the “More” dropdown in the left sidebar.

– Add up to 8 columns to scroll left-to-right and browse efficiently and quickly.

– Select from your Home feed, notifications, a specific user, a list timeline, your likes, your bookmarks, pro timeline, compose a gab column, group timeline, explore timeline, news page, hashtag timeline

– You can adjust the widths of the columns by adjusting the font size in the “Display Options” dialog. 

– You can refresh the columns by clicking the “refresh” button in the top of each column.

– You can delete the columns by clicking the “trash” button in the top of each column.

– You can reorder the columns by clicking on the 3 vertical lines at the top left of each column, then dragging and dropping left to right to reorder.

3. New video player

– The default video player has been updated with a beautiful new design

– It includes options to have picture-in-picture and speed adjustments.

– Trackbar disappears when video plays on desktop and mobile.

– Buffering, loading display spinners as expected.

– Fullscreen on all devices now works without issue.

4. Anyone can create groups

– Anyone can create a group. It is no longer a GabPRO only feature. Create private groups for friends and family or public groups that anyone on Gab can join.

– If you are GabPRO you can create up to 100 groups. Otherwise you can only create 10.

5. New composer

– Updated styles for Gab composer to fit perfectly on whichever device you are on

– New uploading limits for everyone: GabPRO: image-100MB, video-2GB. All users: images-20MB, videos-250MB

– Added ability to select post designation so you can post to any group you are a member of or, your home timeline from anywhere

– Status scheduling works as expected

– Status expiration works as expected

– Poll options now have 160 max character limit

7. Goodbye Mastodon

– Gab no longer federates with any other Mastodon server

– Gab no longer has any remote accounts from Mastodon on our servers

– You will not be able to use Gab API for applications or other projects without our authorization. All apps are now locked.

– You will not be able to use any third party apps. All apps are now blocked. All requests will be blocked.

8. Group Admin updates

– Group member search added for group admins

– Group removed account search for admins

9. Speed improvements

– Liking and reposting speeds improved by reducing backend requests

– Updated javascript modules to latest versions

Everything else:

– Small, quick alerts display in the bottom left for errors and success messages. Such as when a file upload is too big or when you have successfully blocked or muted someone.

– Comment timeline on profiles now works.

– New compact mobile profile design

– Fixed report dialog styles for easier status reporting

– GabTV button added to mobile home menu, desktop navigation header

– Added vertical comment thread lines under statuses to easier follow comment conversations 

– Added repost button to comments. Like • Reply • Repost

– If you click into a comment or load a status that is a comment, the page scrolls to selected comment

– Muting users works from status options dropdown

– If you blocked or mute someone, their statuses now don’t show in explore, group timelines anymore

– Fixed issue with status link cards that did not have a title causing error on timelines and profiles

– Fixed spelling mistakes throughout 😅

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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