Joe Rogan Gets on Gab

Joe Rogan Gets on Gab

This weekend it came to my attention that Joe Rogan spent four minutes exploring Gab’s front page and talking about our community to his massive audience on the biggest podcast in the world. Gab was already having an explosive week after Twitter decided to ban thousands of young Christian men from their website, but this was a nice cherry on top as tens of thousands of Rogan’s listeners signed up for Gab. You can watch the full exchange here on Gab TV.

The discussion started when Joe mentioned that Twitter leans incredibly far-left. Inevitably, the discussion of alternative platforms came up and once that happened it was impossible for Gab not to enter the conversation. “Join Gab and talk to Nazis, what are we going to do?” suggested Joe, parroting the mainstream media talking points about our community of 20 million people. He then quickly corrected himself by admitting that he has never actually been on Gab “I say Gab you talk to Nazis but I don’t really know I haven’t really been there that’s just the narrative.”

It is the narrative, and it’s the wrong narrative. It’s a narrative that Gab has been fighting against and overcoming for over five years now. The right wing establishment calls us “Nazis” the left wing establishment calls us “Nazis.” Why is this?

The reality is the Establishment knows they can’t control Gab and so their only course of action is to attack, defame, smear, and destroy Gab by any means necessary. The “Nazi boogieman” smear works on the gullible people from both sides of the isle who don’t think for themselves, so that’s the narrative they run with and have run with for over five years now.

So after this Rogan decided to actually visit Gab and explore the site live on the show. He spent the next three minutes scrolling through a bunch of posts on Gab and to his surprise he didn’t find any “Nazis.” Instead he found people questioning the Covid narrative, people posting political memes that would get you banned on Facebook, and a post from sitting US Congressman Paul Gosar.

Joe then suggested that Gabbers must be “Russians,” once again parroting the Establishment Regime talking points that anyone who possibly dissents against the machine is a “Russian bot.” I can assure you Joe that Gabbers are very real people who are fed up with Establishment Gatekeepers at Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Gab is the fastest growing website on the internet and one of the top 1500 websites in the world out of billions. Our growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon, especially as election season starts to heat up in 2022.

This is probably the tenth time that Joe Rogan has brought up Gab on his show, and yet despite DM’ing me a few years ago claiming that he was interested in having me on nothing ever came to fruition. One thing I’ve noticed is that Joe has no problem bringing on people from other religions, especially Jewish commentators like Ben Shapiro who has been on the show multiple times, but for the life of me I can’t recall any serious Christian thinker that has ever been on his show. I wonder why that is.

I’d love to be the first, but the reality is this blog post will reach tens of millions of people. Perhaps more people than if I was on the show itself. That’s the impact and reach of Gab and that impact and reach is only growing stronger by the day.

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King of Kings

Gab - The Free Speech Social Network

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