L. Lin Wood Goes Scorched Earthed

L. Lin Wood Goes Scorched Earthed

Updated 1.8.2021

The Deepstate Technocrats at Twitter and Facebook have gone overboard on this day that will long be remembered in World History.  Facebook removed President Trump on Thursday and today thousands of Patriotic accounts on Twitter, including top brass General Flynn, Sydney Powell, and L. Lin Wood.  Then Twitter finished themselves off by removing the personal account of President Donald Trump.  Their shares immediately started trading 1.7% lower and now overnight they are down over 4% Their shares are rightfully expected to Tank at the next opening bell.  Twitter took it even one step further when President Trump returned on the Official @POTUS account to make following statement. Which was almost instantly removed by Twitter employees.

Google also joined in on the tyrannical fun by eliminating the YouTube Channel that hosted the Fireside Chat with Lin featured in this article. Thankfully, many Americans have been awakened to these tactics prior to the current Election Muzzle all loud conservatives are feeling, and learned to archive Important Information offline.  Twitter was successful in removing Lin’s tweets, so the embed functionality of this article is disabled. But the end result archived the text.  And thanks to some crafty Independent Journalist, Lin’s fireside chat is still available mirrored on other platforms.  Pardon my commentary, but please listen to this man’s words and share, so others still can too.

Lin, Syd, and the People’s General are now easiest found on Parler.

Just a Friendly Fireside Chat...

L. Lin Wood is one of a handful of Citizen Patriots with close ties to President Donald Trump. Also has very strong ties with Sydney Powell and General Flynn. He is devote in his Faith and has been taking a strong stand for Truth.  Going all in for the Fight to defend our Republic.  And over the last 24 hours some of his tweets have really raised some eyebrows for MAGA that is paying attention. Much of what he discloses will sound conspiratorial to many ears. And those of us that have been fighting for years to defend Truth are finally feeling some vindication. I’ll let L. Lin Wood tell you himself. While you read be sure to venture out into the comments, and enjoy his conversation recorded Saturday and Aired Sunday Morning on “Fireside Chat with L. Lin Wood” on the Clay Clark YouTube Channel

This is just a sampling over the last 24 hours. I strongly suggest you keep going down his timeline. A warning is needed to keep an open mind and go grab some popcorn…

Your Move Pence

Ok. Let's pause right here for a moment.

Yes, he just said that. And before you just close tab, stop and ask yourself what do you think people like Epstein and Maxwell were used for?

And if you’re asking who is Isacc Kaapy, check that imbd link and see below. Then go learn about Kappy by researching beyond the Authoritarian Tale.  RIP Kappy…

The time is 4:07 and Lin finally stops to get some rest.  Those that know don’t sleep.

Anything to say Judge?
Inviltration at Every Level

lol, nice!

The document attached to the above tweet is one the that every American must read and understand.  It is also available for download and has been added as a Topic on our Election Interference Research Board

And be sure to support L. Lin Wood at FightBack.law, if you have the means.  

I close with Lin’s Pinned Tweet and one he inspired of mine awhile back.  Enjoy the Show…

There are but 2 Parties Now. Patriots or Traitors.


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