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As a long time supporter of the Independent Citizen Journalists & and a small business owner, I've always wanted to be able to advertise with these great Patriots. However, national advertising doesn't make sense for my businesses' budget, when I just focus on my small service area. I created Biz Patriot to bridge the gap and allow Small Businesses, Organizations and Patriots across America to support these creators.
Bob Gates


Biz Patriot is a Media & Advertising Corporation filed in the State of Wyoming with a secure website hosted in Iceland.  It’s a sad day in America when the Shepherds for Truth get attacked, silenced, and censored so we have to go overseas to protect any idea of Free Speech. This is a community for the Patriots to Shine their Light without any shade thrown their way from the Corrupt Establishment’s Controlling Arm.  What has been accomplished with this site is the merger of two concepts and systems into one.

Recognizing Those That Have Served With Distinction and Honor

Those of you receiving this Invitation to be part of something special have led the way and played a vital role in the lives of countless Patriots’ journey thus far. We have come to a point where more and more are seeing the failures of the Establishments’ Media Machine and don’t know where to turn.  And sometimes you can’t just tell the people the truth, you have to show them.  Yet, you that have been doing so diligently have been unfairly rewarded.

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Don't Worry It's Not That Complicated

This project is about growing and strengthening the Patriot Movement. The Lions’ Share of All Revenue goes to support you the Content Creators that we Partner with to Share, Catalog and Promote Your Work. As well as Patriotic Organizations with Important Missions.  We’ve basically broken down our Revenue Stream into 5 Buckets.

Bucket 1: Commissions

With your acceptance we will enter a simple legal agreement with your Media Outlet as an Independent Contractor and detail the services we provide to host, share, catalog and promote your content.  When Users create Paid Posts a custom field will be added to select the creator they want to support, or pool.  Each creator receives a 20% commission when selected and the pool will be distributed fairly evenly with some weight towards user activity tracking. Commissions will be distributed monthly.

Bucket 2: Ad Partners

After commissions are paid it is the first order of business to grow our presence. That comes with effective advertisement. Step 1 is procuring Long-term Premium Contracts back with you the Creators to Participate as one of your Advertising partners.  And as yours and our success grows, the possibilities are endless. By pooling the small business together that want to, but can’t afford to advertise with you, we’re confident this platform will provide an opportunity for them to support. And that support collectively can secure another premium sponsor for you. 

Bucket 3: Donations

A Big part of our Mission is supporting Patriots and the Organizations that fight for us and our Vets. In addition to the Digital Soldiers that are out their spreading the message.  So a key strategy of our branding and messaging will be coming from contribution. We’ll be supporting Organizations with critical missions like Code of Vets, 1A Praetorian, #FightBack, General Flynn’s Defense Fund, and Sydney Powell’s Election Fraud Exposure Campaign. As well as see us pop into your livestreams and smaller creators for support.

Bucket 4: Expenses

When this Mission is successful, not only will we be able to provide a great resource for our Patriots we’ll be able to wake up the masses and have a positive impact on our communities.  When we’re successful in overfilling your first 2 Buckets we’ll also have a positive impact on the 3rd. And until Boss totally destroys the Fed, we have to take care of Uncle Sam.  After a successful launch and our first 4 buckets full it will be time to get creative and expand our advertising efforts (think Obamagate Billboards;) and place ads with Reputable Larger Independent Outlets like Breitbart, Sara Carter, Zerohedge, John Soloman, and Judicial Watch. 

Bucket 5: Biz Patriot

This is just me for now with plans on the success of this endeavor creating opportunity for some talented Patriots to showcase their skills. It will take some tech support and monitoring. It will create opportunity for a gifted researchers and writers to showcase to be seen properly. After a successful launch with a good Core Collective of Creators and evidence of a sound business model and platform we will create the same opportunity for other Creators that fit the criteria. You “Founding Fathers” will serve as a Board of Directors of sorts, with a voice on future additions and Shares set aside for Profit Sharing.

We are going to show them a new world.

Those who are blind will soon see the light. A beautiful brave new world lies ahead. We take this journey together. One step at a time.  WWG1WGA.

I Hope You'll Take a Part of This Journey With Me.

If you are receiving this I want to thank you for what you’ve already done for me.  Your work is vital to the movement. And although I may have interacted online in some fashion over the years with you, I consider you important to me and as Family.  I was called upon to do this long ago. And I kept putting it off, but the calling kept coming back.  In the process I added Web-designer and Web-Master to my list of skillsets. And now the timing is right.  With your go, I’m ready to roll…

Ways to Contact Me:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Twitter: @GatesRobertJ
Facebook: /robert.j.gates.pga

So go ahead and kick around the site demo. I’m ready to migrate over to the main domain with the first creator’s go. We’ll add to it here over the next few weeks. Anons that tested the function and concept loved it. The public needs it. I look forward to discussing with you. And I will be on Patriot’s Transition Voice show this Friday 11.27.2020 if you’d like to know more about me.