Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

The Best of Christmas Images 2020 from the Trump Administration

As Christmas sneaks up on us and Election Interference is on your mind.  Take a break from the Main Steam Media’s continued Rona Fear programming and Enjoy some of the best tweets December brought us from the Trump Administration and United States Military.  We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you’ve made Boss’s nice list.  Maybe you’ll have some extra gifts under the tree this year.

The President and First Lady looked absolutely stunning in their formal attire.

Send in the Marines

Hello Tinker Bell the Stratotanker. No Snow Storm will slow these Big Birds down.

They stay really busy keeping other birds operational that keep you protected from above.

We hope you all receive exactly what your heart's desire.

Oh what a treat it would be to get a handwritten message from the President in an envelope. I wonder what it would say?

FLOTUS many visits to Children's National Hospital is always a Blessing.

This year especially, as many Hospital customers around the country have been denied visitors. 

The Navy is always out there.

Doing what exactly, nobody knows. We don’t telegraph our moves to the enemy.  But they are keeping you safe home and abroad.

Navy was Running Silent.

Yet, you have to hear the Army Rock Out.

And Check Out Space Force on Twitter as they had many special Birthday Surprise Visitors.

Not shown here. Coming to our News Feed [Soon].

That is So Good. Happy Birthday.

Fun Fact: Since 1983 The Army vs. Navy Football Game has been held in December.

Not so Fun Fact: If the American people don’t stand up for, and in front of our President right now, and demand their Congressman to uphold the Constitution on the 6th.  By Objecting to Fraudulent Swing States. and retroactively certify Trump Electors.  That 1984 Orson Wells vibe we’ve been getting with 2020 will become permanent. 

Merry Christmas

& Happy New Year Enjoy The Show The Best Is Yet To Come

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