Were Speaker Paul Ryan and VP Mike Pence Conspiring to get Trump off the Ticket???

Were Speaker Paul Ryan and VP Mike Pence Conspiring to get Trump off the Ticket???

conspiring on October 9, 2016 to get
off the ticket?
Look up Rule No. 9…..

L. Lin Wood Goes Scorched Earthed

L. Lin Wood sits down for a cozy fireside chat and Tweet-Storms some difficult Red-Pills for an American Public hungry for Truth.

SEC Joins Biden Admin In “Actively Monitoring” The Marketwide Short Squeeze

Just hours after Jen Psaki informed the world that Joe Biden is closely tracking the turmoil in the most shorted stocks… … The

What Biden Wars Will Actually Look Like

by Caitlin Johnstone, Consortium News: There’s a news story about a U.S. military convoy entering Syria being shared around so

Bills Introduced In Mississippi And Tennessee Would Repeal Sales Tax On Gold And Silver

Authored by Michael Maharrey via SchiffGold.com, Bills introduced in the Mississippi House and the Tennessee Senate would repeal state sal

State Rep. Kyle Biedermann Files “Texas Independence” Bill

by Craig Huber, Spectrum Local News: AUSTIN, Texas — While it could be argued that Texas is better positioned than most states, the

Homeowners Keep Delaying Mortgage Payments! Debt Now Unpayable For Millions

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Another Snowstorm Headed For Midwest, Northeast? 

AccuWeather meteorologists are focused on the atmospheric river emanating from over the Pacific Ocean and dumping rain and

Apple's Blockbuster Quarter: Revenue Tops $100BN, Record China Sales, Beats Across The Board

On the back of disappointing earnings from Facebook and Netflix, AAPL stock dipped into its earnings release, but as the company’s s

Why Mitch McConnell Backed Away From Trying To Convict Trump

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream: Mitch McConnell really wanted to convict Donald Trump and ban him from ever running for offi

Ron Paul: When Fascism Comes, It Will Be Wearing A Mask

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, Almost immediately after his inauguration, President Joe Biden

Violence for Me, Charges for Thee: Rand Paul Scorches Democrats for Their Impeachment Hypocrisy

by Steve Byas, The New American: Calling Donald Trump’s impeachment trial a “sham,” Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) tacitly and rightly im