This Mideast Country Just Executed 24 People For Starting Deadly Wildfires

This Mideast Country Just Executed 24 People For Starting Deadly Wildfires

After suffering through years of grinding war, both Syria and Lebanon have for much of the past two years been dealing with a spate of dea

Sweden Suspends Moderna Shot Indefinitely After Vaxxed Patients Develop Crippling Heart Condition

Authored by Jack Davis via The Western Journal (emphasis ours), New concerns are being raised about side effects from the Moderna vaccine

An American Manifesto: Don’t Let Everything For Which This Republic Stands Be Destroyed

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper: It doesn’t take much critical thinking skill to see that the depressing sham that the United State

Temporary Relief? Mild November Weather Could Alleviate EU Gas Crisis  

Even as Europe faces a devastatingly cold winter as natural gas inventories are well below seasonal averages and unelected bureaucrats sti

Vaccination Rates Not Linked to Lower COVID Rates, Epidemiology Paper Finds

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project: On Friday, the San Francisco Chronicle published an article noting that California ha

Inflation Chronicles: Even Solar Prices Are Soaring

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse: Solar panels are basically microprocessors, so it’s not a surprise that they’ve been following their

NATO Agrees On Plan To Caution Russia Against Increasing Hostilities

Authored by Naveen Athrappully via The Epoch Times, NATO agreed on a new master plan on Thursday to deter Russian advances on multipl

Big Pharma Owns The World

by Lew Rockwell, Lew Rockwell: Big Pharma will earn billions in profits this 2nd pandemic year; projected to be $16 billion for

Bitcoin’s next test seen as $90,000 after US ETF debut, strategists say #GEORGEnews

Bitcoin has stalled out after reaching a record on Wednesday, but strategists are already setting out their stalls for how high the next r

Crickets From Media As COVID Hospitalizations Rise In The North, Drop In The South #GEORGEnews

The corporate media outlets that bashed southern, often Republican-led states during the Delta-variant surge of COVID-19 are now silent as