Parallel Economy Black Friday Shopping

Parallel Economy Black Friday Shopping

As you prepare to start your Christmas shopping this weekend I encourage you to support the thousands of family-owned small business owners in the Parallel Christian Economy. You can find a big list of these businesses in the post I made here on Gab and in the Small Business Owners group here. You should also check out the #ParallelEconomy hashtag on Gab.

Purchasing power is the one true form of control that we The People still have. I’d argue that the purchasing power of The People has more authority and impact than voting in rigged elections. 

When you purchase products and services from brands and businesses who hate you, those businesses turn around and use your money to destroy our way of life. They run anti-American ad campaigns promoting communist groups. They hire “diversity trainers” to force hateful anti-White propaganda into the workplace. They run ad campaigns promoting and encouraging anti-Christ, anti-God narratives. 

So instead of providing these businesses with money to do all of these things and more, you should instead go out of your way to shop local and support family-owned businesses in the Parallel Christian Economy on Gab. 

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