President Trump Gives Speech to Close Out 2020

President Trump Gives Speech to Close Out 2020

President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks this afternoon from the White House after returning from Florida.  As we close the door on 2020 our President reminded us of all we’ve faced this year from the China Virus.  And how the will of the American people and their resolve allowed us to persevere.  President Trump reminds us that the recovery effort from his leadership has been an example for the world. And that the Best is Yet to Come!

This China Virus was released by the corrupt World and American rulers pushing for a New World Order in their 2030 Agenda as a way to usher in the Great Reset. The coordinated response from corrupt world leaders, organizations, media outlets and local officials has been to aid them in their agenda and harm POTUS’s image and chances at re-election. It was always about the Election and now they think they can get away with just stealing it.

I’ve had it up to here with 2020, the coordinated attacks and lies, both against WE the American People and against our Great President.  Donald Trump stands up for WE the People, and in the way of this Evil Agenda succeeding.  As we sit on the precipice of falling completely under Globalist’s control we must make a critical choice, right know as we enter the New Year.  Do we lay down and fall under their control?  Or do we rise up, and stand up for Donald Trump?

The best days are yet to come, if WE make the right choice.



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