RNC Votes Unanimously to Dump Presidential Debate Commission #GEORGEnews

RNC Votes Unanimously to Dump Presidential Debate Commission #GEORGEnews

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The Republican National Committee voted unanimously on Thursday to withdraw from participating in presidential debates hosted by the Commission on Presidential Debates, which has hosted those debates since 1988.

CNN first reported the news.

Despite the GOP move, it is ultimately up to the individual candidate, not their party as to whether to partake in the debates hosted by the CPD.

In a January letter to the CPD, RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel wrote:

The RNC has a duty to ensure that its future presidential nominees have the opportunity to debate their opponents on a level playing field. So long as the CPD appears intent on stonewalling the meaningful reforms necessary to restore its credibility with the Republican Party as a fair and nonpartisan actor, the RNC will take every step to ensure that future Republican presidential nominees are given that opportunity elsewhere. Accordingly, the RNC will initiate the process of amending the Rules of the Republican Party at our upcoming Winter Meeting to prohibit future Republican nominees from participating in CPD-sponsored debates.

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