The People Speak Out For Freedom

The People Speak Out For Freedom

In this segment from the Opreation Freedom Radio Show [August 29 2021], Dr. Dave takes an objective look at the people who are increasingly asking for transparency and freedom. He dissects a number of critically important issues and presents evidenc suggesting that the "status quo" is coming apart.

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Operation Freedom is a weekly LIVE radio show broadcast from The Freedom Bunker at WAAM Talk 1600 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. ( The show airs every Sunday from 2-5 pm Eastern. The show can de streamed LIVE and Podcasts are available at

The show presents and dissects information The LAME Stream Media will not touch! Topics presented include: Geo-politics, Finance, Economics, Health Care Policy, Climate Change,Geo-Engineering, and Current Events. The show takes on The Right - Left Faux Axis and EXPOSES those entities stripping Freedom and Liberty from EVERY American and EVERY person worldwide.

And Can Also be found on YouTube.

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